CQC Chief Inspector Praises New Report into Use of Music in Care Homes

Andrea Sutcliffe called the report, based on research by Music outreach charity, Live Music Now, and the University of Winchester, “a big step forward in showing what live music can do” and even claimed it could help care homes achieve the key indicators of person-centred care that CQC inspectors are looking

Although many care homes already use music as a central part of the care they provide, this endorsement from the highest ranks of CQC should encourage all homes to examine how they can use music to improve the lives of the people in their care.

The Live Music in Care project involved a pair of professional musicians providing weekly music and singing sessions to five care homes over an 11-week period. Each session saw the musicians moving amongst service users whilst playing songs in an attempt to engage with them and encourage participation.

The sessions were seen to be extremely successful at improving mood and encouraging interaction even amongst those with late stage dementia. Full details of the study are available at LIVE MUSIC IN CARE where further recommendations in the use of music are provided.

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